HAWK Middle School Athletics

From cross country to basketball, wrestling, soccer, and more, Hamilton Middle School offers an array of sports to keep your student-athlete active.  Athletics are a great opportunity for your child to grow physically and socially, and to learn teamwork and camaraderie with their fellow classmates.

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Hamilton K-8 School Vans

Hamilton K-8 School vans. One more step towards removing obstacles to student success.

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California Gold Ribbon Award

  Hamilton K-8 School receives the prestigious California Gold Ribbon Award (formerly known as the California Distinguished School Award). We already knew we were on the right track, however this award validates our work and commitment to excellence. The California Gold Ribbon award recognizes schools that have quality educational programs that positively impact students’ academic [...]

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Welcome to the Hamilton K-8 School

Our school year is full of exciting opportunities and, in order to get you started, consider checking out the following pages with important information and resources: Not sure if you’ve filled everything out in your school’s registration packet?  This menu has many important forms to give you a jumpstart: Check out the Parent Guide You want to [...]

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