Culture of Caring

At Hamilton we work to take a reflective and restorative approach to all we do.  Our Culture of Caring initiative teaches our students positive character traits (Respect, Responsibility, Empathy, etc), life skills (Collaboration, Managing our Emotions, Problem Solving, etc), and also how to be reflective and restorative when we make mistakes.   Building a culture of student respect of staff and other students helps students realize and reflect upon the impact of their behavior and choices.

Heart Of a Warrior

H.O.W. At Hamilton we have been unofficially promoting students who know the value of advocacy for oneself, helping those in need, and calling out injustice.  This year it is our intent to officially develop citizens of tomorrow that desire success for themselves and for others. Our motto for this work will be “None of us truly succeed unless all of us succeed”

Our goal this year is to intentionally develop these strengths so that when a Hamilton student promotes, they will leave us as a…

  • Warrior for social justice
  • Warrior for providing service to those in need
  • Warrior for themselves

Student Vans

The Hamilton K-8 School Vans make many student activities possible – participation in after-school athletic programs, field trips, music competitions, off-site service projects.  One more step towards equity in education by removing obstacles to student success.

Student Technology

Hamilton is proud to have been a pioneer in the NUSD 1:World Technology program.  Currently, Hamilton students in grades 5th – 8th receive individual Chromebooks.  This 1:World device program provides an educational tool for students to use in the classroom as well as at home – ultimately enhancing the students’ ability to interact with their learning.

Students in grades TK-3rd have grade level carts of iPads to utilize in the classroom.  4th grade iPads are utilized in the classroom as well as at home.

By the year 2020 the 1:World program at all NUSD schools will provide students in grades 3rd – 12th with Chromebooks.   

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