Giving Tree

A yearly Hamilton event with the intent to foster community in our school and create a fun Holiday celebration for our students and their families.

Middle School Club Live/Service Projects

Club Live is run by the Youth Leadership Institute of Marin (YLI).  Club Live that seeks to empower students to take some kind of action toward changing what they identify as problematic in our community or world today. Once the students have come up with a topic, we take time to study it, come up with potential solutions for change, and then attempt to make some kind of real-world impact… a task that takes the entire year to accomplish. Because we are a youth oriented club, a small amount of time is always allotted to playing quick games, prize giveaways, and an offering of healthy snacks for the students. The club meets on a Mondays and Thursdays at lunch for a half hour.  Meeting are facilitated by a Hamilton staff member and a Club Live YLI staff member. We work with any and all students interested in making a change, and we offer community service hours for attendance

Service Club

We believe that service builds self esteem and personal growth.  We also believe that students, although are giving back to others, benefit the most by giving back and building a better community.  Our Service Club does many different projects that include, gathering jackets and distributing them to those in need; feeding the homeless and Glide Memorial in San Francisco; Wetland restoration; gathering and distributing books to children in need.

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