School Site Council (SSC)

The School Site Council (SSC) consists of representatives from our school community; teachers, classified staff, parents, and other interested community members. The SSC assists in the decision making process with regard to long range planning, educational issues, and budgetary decisions. The SSC also plays an important role in the development of the school’s Single Plan for Student Achievement (PDF).

SSC meets the first Tuesday of every month at 3:15 pm in the Staff Room. Agendas and minutes for SSC are posted prior to every meeting outside the office, and meeting records are available for review in the office.  Meetings are open to and welcome the public.

Site Administrator: Steve Hospodar

Site Coordinator: Liz Feingold

Parent Representative: Morgan Bellows

Parent Representative: Julie Everson

Parent Representative: Ramona Gettings

Parent Representative: Anna Lindo

Parent Representative: Kristen Schutz

Staff Representative: Lynn Erickson

Teacher Representative: Leslie Barden

Teacher Representative:  Stacey Beltran

Teacher Representative: Gina Schilling

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