Hamilton Student Expectations


ALL children will show respect and respond immediately to the playground supervisors.

Play games that are not dangerous. Do not chase, pull and or tug at clothing, fighting (even “play fighting”), or do any martial arts.

Stay in the designated play area.

Do not leave the playground without permission from a yard supervisor.

No climbing, jumping, playing on top of fences, trees or buildings.

Restrooms are to be used only for the purpose intended.

P.E. class areas are off limits when in use

Do not bring personal items from home unless requested by the teacher. These unauthorized items will be sent to the office and it will be the student’s responsibility to take them home after school. Yo-yos, Frisbees and other toys or electronic items are not allowed. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Follow directions of all adults.

Bicycles, scooters, and skateboards must be walked when on campus

Electronic Devices

Elementary – Cell phones must be turned off and in child’s desk during the school day or they will be taken to the office and only returned to a parent.

Middle School – Cell phones must be turned off and not visible.  Students caught on their phone (calling, texting, etc.) will have it taken away.

Lining up at the end of recess

When the bell rings, stop play immediately.
Walk to your line.
Stand in line quietly.

Parent Handbook

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