Tech Support for Parents

//Tech Support for Parents

Tech Support for Parents

Hamilton PTA offers: Tech Help for Parents
• Do you need help with your new laptop or tablet?
• Would you like to get emails on your phone or learn what an app is?
• Are your kids online and you would like to monitor what they are doing?
• Is your laptop or PC not working properly or would like to copy your work somewhere safe so that nothing gets lost?
• Maybe you just want to get better at editing texts or being able to create fancy invitations for your kid’s birthday?
• Perhaps you’d like to change the settings in your devices to protect your information?

Hamilton PTA knows the answer to your technology questions and is going to help you. Just bring your gadget to the school library (daily from 8-4) and get some support. Please contact Mrs. Maria, the school tech, with any suggestions.

With this program we are trying to close the generational gap between parents and kids in all things tech, as well as providing parents with up-to-date knowledge in what have become daily communication tools.


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