WHO DESIGNED IT – The STEAM students from last year worked in groups to research then design the coops. They drew to-scale 3D diagrams then built to-scale models of their designs. The designs were voted on by students and staff. The winning design came from Quincy Hall, Palmer Gittings, and Quinn Kiernan.

WHO PAID FOR IT – Most of the wood was donated by AEG Industries, it is recycled industrial pallets.

WHO BUILT IT – Construction began in May 2018 and was finished in August 2018. It was mostly built by our AMAZING middle school Science teacher, Rebecca Abrams, as well as some very wonderful volunteers during our Back to School Campus Beautification day.

WHAT ABOUT THE CHICKENS –  The chickens came from our Literacy Specialist Melissa Steele’s mother-in-law who raises chickens. They are 6 months old and are named Salt and Pepper (can you guess who is who?). Salt is an Araucana and will hopefully lay blue-green eggs. Pepper is a Australorp and lays brown eggs. We are working on getting a few bantam (miniature) chickens as well.

WHY CHICKENS – They help us reduce our food waste from the cafeteria by eating scraps of vegetable and fruit. They teach the students to care for other living things. They work as support animals – the students are already using them as a non-judgemental practice partner for practicing presentataions.

They also teach the students about where their food comes from which has been proven to lead to students making healthier food choices.

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